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Airline Transport Pilot Licence - ATPL(A)

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Duration of training: about 8 months
Flight training: not applicable
Theoretical knowledge instruction: min. 650 hours
Simulator training: not applicable
Rating validity period: ATPL(A) licence is valid indefinitely. Theory test - ATPL(A) theory credit is extended automatically with the extension of IR(A)

Obtaining the Airline Transport Pilot Licence is subject to the passing of extensive theoretical study and the subsequent examination at the Transport Authority.

The subsequent practical training, if we can call it that, takes place directly in airlines, or commercial operators, where the holder of Frozen ATPL(A) performs flights now as a professional pilot.

Requirements for professional pilots

Theoretical training and passing 14 profile tests of theoretical knowledge ATPL(A) is a prerequisite for further progress in training to get a license of a professional pilot.

Passing the theoretical training ATPL(A) and the subsequent examination, the applicant declares that he understands the full spectrum of theoretical knowledge the airlines make the adoption of a professional pilot. After getting all the qualifications, the applicant in modular training is specialised in Frozen ATPL(A). The holder of the Frozen ATPL(A) licence is the holder of a Commercial Pilot Licence – CPL(A).

The “Frozen” because the restrictions are “frozen” for the further airline growth. In this case, it is a minimum number of flight hours for the applicant to have issued an adequate ATPL(A) license.

In the case of training and examination of theoretical knowledge of Airline Transport Pilot – ATPL(A) the applicant is granted credits for the theoretical examination to LAPL(A), PPL(A), CPL(A), IR(A) and ATPL(A).


Air course to obtain an Airline Transport Pilot Licence includes only theoretical part. 

After completing the course, the Flight School issues the applicant a certificate, under which the applicant can sign up for the examination of theoretical knowledge at the Transport Authority.


Theoretical part consists of approximately 650 hours of theoretical instruction. Training in the Flight School JetAge is taken in distance form. It means that applicants take a minimum of 65 hours in the presence of the instructor and the rest of the course takes place in the form of self-study where the instructor is available by telephone or e-mail connection. Approximately every 15 hours of self-study the applicants take admission tests, un the total number of 45. At the end of the course the applicants complete the final test from each subject in the same way as the tests designed at Transport Authority.

Theoretical training includes the following subjects:
• Air Law and ATC Procedures
• Airframe and Systems, Electrics, Power Unit and Emergency Equipment
• Instrumentation
• Mass and Balance
• Flight Performance
• Flight Planning and Monitoring
• Human Performance
• Meteorology
• General Navigation
• Radio Navigation
• Operational Procedures
• Principles of Flight - Aeroplane (Aerodynamics)
• VFR Communication
• IFR Communication Requirements to start the theoretical study of Airline Transport Pilot – ATPL(A)

Requirements to start the theoretical study of Airline Transport Pilot – ATPL(A)
• The minimum age for enrollment in training is 17 years


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