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Commercial Pilot Licence - CPL(A)

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Duration of training: about 3 - 14 day
Flight training: 30:00 hours with the possibility of credit
Theoretical knowledge instruction: applying the credit of the ATPL(A) theory
Simulator training: 05:00 hours
Rating validity period: CPL(A) licence is valid indefinitely.

The licence of Commercial Pilot Licence opens the doors to the holder to the world of aviation.

The holder of Commercial Pilot Licence can use his privileges as defined in Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 (FCL), Subsection “D” of the Provision of FCL.305. A commercial pilot is authorized to perform commercial flights within the operation of the airlines (certificate holder of “AOC”).

The holder of CPL(A) may act in a commercial air service (airlines) as a pilot:
• to apply all the privileges of the holder of LAPL(A) and PPL(A)
• act as a pilot in command (PIC) or co-pilot of any aircraft engaged in operations other than commercial air transport
• act as a pilot in command (PIC) in commercial air transport of any single-pilot aircraft subject to the restrictions specified in FCL.060
• act as a co-pilot in commercial air transport to the restrictions specified in FCL.060.



For applicants who have not completed a course of theoretical knowledge from the theory of CPL(A) or the course of theoretical knowledge from the theory of ATPL(A) the training also includes theoretical instruction in the scope of CPL(A).

Practical Training

The practical part of flight training to obtain a licence of Commercial Pilot Licence – CPL(A) in module way represents at least 30 hours of flight, which are thematically focused on three areas. After completing the prescribed length of training the applicant completes a practical examination - “skill test” with the inspector of Transport Authority or with one of the examiners of the Transport Authority.

PHASE I – Flying Technique
• Fixing habits of basic flying technique (take-off, climb, descent, turning, horizontal flight, landing)
• Fixing habits in emergency situations (engine failure, fire engine, failure of equipment and systems, etc.)
• Navigation flights mainly abroad and controlled airports

PHASE II – Instrument Flight Rules
• Instrument flying (basic instrument flight)

PHASE III – Night Flights
• Performing flights at night under VFR
• Navigation flying under VFR Night

Flight Training Credits CPL(A)

A summary credit in flying practice the training CPL(A) can be reduced to 15 flight hours.
For holders of the qualification categories there are possible relief of practical training as follows:
• The holder of an instrument rating on multi-engine single pilot aeroplanes – MEP(land)/IR, or IR(A) / ME(SPA), or instrument rating SEP(land)/IR, or IR(A)/SE(SPA): possible credit up to 10 hours (10h of simulated instrument flying) (PHASE II and III)
• The holder of VFR night flights rating: possible to credit 5 hours (PHASE III)
• Credit of theoretical instruction if theoretical training, or examination of theoretical knowledge ATPL(A) competed Requirements to start the module training CPL(A)

General Requirements:

• The minimum recommended age for the training is not specified
• The minimum age for obtaining CPL(A) is 18 years
• Certificate of radio telephone operator
• The licence of PPL(A)

Flight Experiences for the issue of CPL(A):

• At least 100 flight hours as pilot in command (PIC)
• At least 200 flight hours in total time on aeroplanes
• At least 6 flight hours on multi-engine aeroplanes
• At least 5 flight hours on a complex plane (the plane with retractable landing gear, adjustable propeller with a minimum number of seats for 4 persons)


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