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Private Pilot Licence – PPL(A) / SEP(Land)

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Duration of training: cca 3 - 8 months
Flight training: 40:00 hours
Theoretical knowledge instruction: 100:00 hours
Simulator training: cca 05:00 hours
Rating validity period: The PPL (A) license is valid indefinitely. The SEP (land) qualification category is valid for 24 months and is extended either by administrative or by examination with an examiner.

Obtaining a licence of Private Pilot Licence is the first step into the world of aviation.

The flying part of the training is performed on a single-piston-engine aeroplane, while at the same time the applicant‘s training is in progress to obtain the class rating for single-engine piston aeroplane – SEP(land).

The aim of the training is to provide flight training to the level of competence allowing the applicant to drive a single-engine plane of the variant alone and safely to be used during practical PPL(A) test.

Obtaining a licence of Private Pilot is designed for a wide group of people.


Air course for obtaining a Private Pilot Licence is divided into theoretical and practical – flight part.

After completing the prescribed length of training, the applicant completes the theoretical examination of theoretical knowledge on the Transport Authority. Then he completes practical examination – so-called “skill test” with an inspector of the Transport Authority, or with any of the designated flight examiners of the Transport Authority.

Teaching of Theoretical Knowledge

Theoretical part consists of 100 hours of theoretical instruction, while 60 hours is lectured before starting flight training and the remaining 40 hours the applicants complete within the extended ground training during the flight training. In the Flight School JetAge it is possible to complete training in the form of distance study, i.e. The applicants take 10 hours on the attendance lectures and the rest at home, in the form of “self-study”.

Practical Training

The practical part of flight training for the acquisition of the licence of Private Pilot – PPL(A) with the class rating for single-engine piston aeroplane SEP(land) consists of a minimum 45 flight hours.

Requirements to start PPL(A) / SEP(land) training
• The minimum recommended age for the training is not specified
• The minimum age for the completion of the first flight is 16 years
• The minimum age for obtaining PPL(A) is 17 years
• Before the first solo flight, the holder of a medical certificate class 1 or class 2 in accordance with Part MED


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