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About us

Place Where Professional Pilots Begin

JetAge ATO – Approved Training Organization is the professional aviation training company that provides thousands hours of training each year to pilots from all over the world. JetAgeoperates from the capital city Bratislava, its main international airport M.R.Štefánik and has another training locations in Dubová and Trenčín.

JetAge ATO – a leading provider of a flight training programme – serves as a reliable and highly respected resource for a growing number of airlines around the world. We deliver graduates with excellent pilot skills, fully trained to fly advanced technology aircraft safely and efficiently in an increasingly complex and crowded air traffic environment. We provide the finest professional training through a total commitment to excellence in all phases of instruction, from classroom to groundbased training to generous flight time. Our superior curriculums stress safety, decision-making, crew resource management, hands-on experience and a strong classroom educational foundation. Students benefit from the same high level training whether they are ab initio or developing pilots. After graduation, our students have gone on to crew or command aircraft in every corner of the world’s aviation community. JetAge ATO – The Training Leader has been training professional pilots and offers individual courses for different fixed-wing aircraft, taught by highly experienced and qualified instructors.

All aircraft operated by the JetAge Aircraft School for flight training are regularly maintained at branded service centers that meet stringent European legislation. Both scheduled and non-scheduled aircraft maintenance are carried out in Part-M approved contracted maintenance organizations.

The airworthiness of our aircraft is managed by the Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO) and the internal compliance monitoring system.